Frequently Asked Questions

1) What to say in a Greetings message - having spent an entertaining few hours listening to a Scout at a JOTA station ask every contact they made "Do you like cheese"? It crossed my mind it maybe useful to have a brief document with suggestions of what young people might like to ask the overseas contacts.  What we encourage Scouts to talk about on the radio is something related to what they have been doing in Scouts recently and to find out what other Scouts have been doing.

2) Do I need to register? Where? - I'm running a JOTA station. Who do I need to tell?  There is no formal registration for JOTA, one simply organises a licence and goes on the air on the third weekend in October with everyone else. However, it is very useful to have a list of the stations taking part and the only way to get this is for stations to 'register' their intention in advance. In the last few years there have been two websites that have collected the information and published a list close to the event for everyone to use. I would be grateful if you 'registered' on this site.

3) We are a Scout group, how do I find a radio amateur to hold a licence for a forthcoming JOTA station?-  Unless one happens to know a licensed radio amateur, I feel that it is best to approach a club.  The Radio Society of Great Britain has the contact details of its affiliated societies which can be searched on line at https://thersgb.org/services/clubfinder/


Still confused?

If you cannot find answers to your question here please email jota@scouts.org.uk